6 Hilarious Apartment Humor TikToks

If you’re anything like us, working hard within the world of property management and in the multifamily industry, you’re no stranger to the endless amusement that apartment life can offer.

From juggling maintenance requests to deciphering mysterious neighbor noises, living at and operating an apartment property never (and we mean never) has a dull moment.

And where better to find those relatable moments than on TikTok?

We’ve scoured the platform to bring you 6 hilarious apartment humor TikTok videos that perfectly capture the essence of the everyday experiences of property managers, community managers, and residents alike.

Get ready to laugh, nod in agreement, and perhaps even pick up a new trick or two to enhance the resident experience.

Let’s jump right in!


Haven’t stumbled upon Madison Humphrey’s TikTok or Instagram profiles? Well, now’s your shot! She’s nailing the art of sharing those laugh-out-loud leasing team and resident conversations that we all secretly relate to.


Sure, paper folder files have their nostalgic appeal, but let’s be real – there must be a better way to adult in the digital age. Shoutout to all the old-school property managers out there – we salute your dedication, but trust me, the fax machine era isn’t giving us any FOMO.


Residents who actually ace the move-out cleaning game? They’re the true unicorns of apartment living.


Property managers, this is your sign to throw your leasing team a little extra love today – they’re the real MVPs. 


This one goes out to all the residents! Until you get furniture, now may be the time to start taking advantage of those apartment amenities. We get it, the struggle is real.


Of course, we couldn’t wrap this up without one more Madison Humphrey gem. That jingle of apartment keys is like the unofficial anthem that’s permanently looped in the minds of all of us apartment dwellers. 

And there you have it, an apartment humor TikTok tour through the hilarious ups and downs of apartment life.

From old-school fax machines to move-out cleaning unicorns, and the ever-present jingle of apartment keys, it’s a wild ride we all relate to. So next time you’re knee-deep in neighbor noise or maintenance mayhem, just remember, there’s always something to laugh about.