Apartment Website Design Budget Considerations

Planning for your apartment website design budget can be met with many mixed results.

For instance, if you’re trying to find out, “how much does an apartment website cost?”, you’ll quickly find that costs can vary significantly. We’ll cover more on that later.

First, when planning for your apartment website design, we always like to start by determining your goals for the website and apartment community.

Take a look at the property profile. Is it a long-term hold? Or more of a fix and flip?

Do you plan on switching property management software at any time in the foreseeable future?

What is your target budget?

Below are 5 considerations when planning for your apartment website design.

1 | Branding and Logo


Your website is often the first impression prospective residents have of your apartment community. Has it been a while since you’ve evaluated your branding and logo? Are you looking to renovate your apartment and need a brand identity to match the new enhancements?

Good branding can make or break a website and impact how your community is perceived before someone even sets foot on your property.

2 | Copywriting

Copywriting, or the written words on your site can help tell your story and drive action.

Need help generating content? We glad to help create lead-generating content that is optimized for SEO. This includes calls-to-action, headlines, paragraph copy, and more. Knowing what copy is needed on the helps us focus on the hierarchy and flow of the content.

3 | Content Creation


Quality photography is key to making your website and community look professional and appealing.

Great photos help build credibility, reassurance, and position your apartment as the top choice among comps. Lifestyle photos are also a great asset to capture a day in the life of your community and showcase the amenities.

Floor plan files


High-quality 3D floor plan files are a great resource to have for your website! We find that the floor plan pages are consistently the most visited pages on multifamily websites – so give visitors what they’re looking for with a realistic floor plan layout.

Video Tours

While video and Matterport tours may have once been a ‘nice to have feature’ they are quickly becoming the norm and absolutely a must-have given recent events in 2020. Plus, they help keep people on your website longer, increasing engagement across the board.

4 | Functionality

Whether you’re just looking for the bare bones or full-blown custom apartment website development, we have a product that meets your needs.

From chat integration and lead-driving top navigation bars to enhanced neighborhood pages, the features and additional functionality is something you can use to enhance your site for those more aggressive objectives or needs.

5 | Digital Marketing

Okay, so you’ve launched your new website…now what? Unfortunately, people will not just stumble across your website. That’s where digital marketing efforts come into play.

Implementing a paid and organic marketing strategy will serve for years to come. Consult with a marketing partner to implement a plan for driving traffic to your site and increasing visibility on the search engines.

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6 | SEO

If your multifamily investment group is planning on holding onto the property for a significant amount of time, investing in SEO for your apartment should be considered.

Other considerations for implementing an SEO campaign could be location – either you’re in a hyper-competitive market or you’re in a local market that will be simpler to dominate when it comes to local search results.

All of these considerations are things a reputable apartment marketing firm should be able to answer for you.

Final Thoughts: Apartment Website Design Budget Considerations

Creating a strong online presence for your apartment community can be a daunting task. And with so many options out there, it’s hard to know what you truly need.

Brindle has years of experience developing websites and we always lead with data-driven decisions. A great apartment website is not only visually well-designed, but it delivers a good user experience.

When planning for your apartment website design, we always like to start by determining your goals for the website and apartment community. From there we can determine if a custom web design or themed website is a better fit and look at all other considerations discussed. Have a project in mind? Check out our website cost calculator.

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