Benefits of a Responsive Business Website

Website design is an ever-changing landscape. What was in yesterday is out tomorrow, and how it resonates with one audience may be different for another audience. It can make your head spin. One aspect of web design that will always stay the same is the level of responsiveness. A responsive website boosts your small business’s competitive edge tremendously – and comes with a host of numerous other benefits.

First of all, what exactly is a responsive website?

A responsive website does not mean that you respond quickly to inquiries that come through the contact form (although this is always great practice too). A responsive website design means that it can easily be viewed and navigated on multiple devices. For example, it looks fantastic on desktop, and is just as easy to use on a tablet or mobile phone. Your visitors will have a seamless experience when using your website, and they are not left feeling lost, confused, or annoyed that pages take a day to load; or they’re having to continuously pinch and scroll.

Now… why does all that matter?

BENEFIT #1: Better SEO

We all know that without search engine optimization, no one will find your website in a basic Google search. As it turns out, Google likes responsive websites just as much as we do. If your website is desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly, Google gives it a better ranking in its list of search results.

BENEFIT #2: Stronger Branding

If you’re a fan of the Brindle blog, you’ll know that we’re big fans of strong branding. Anything that supports branding initiatives makes it to the top of our priority list. A unified website design builds trust, familiarity, positive experience and cohesion – all of which contribute to top-notch branding.

BENEFIT #3: Faster Loading Web Pages

A website that is optimized to be more responsive means that its web pages will load more quickly. Not only is this refreshing for the user, but it is advantageous in a few other ways:

  • Your users will stay on the website longer
  • Your users can find the information needed (and convert to a lead or sale)
  • It will go hand in hand with the average user’s increasing demand for quickly accessing what they visited your site for

BENEFIT #4: Less Maintenance Required

Constant bouts of website maintenance is time-consuming, unproductive, and – most of all – costly. When you create a responsive website right from the beginning, it will by default have more streamlined information and have a simpler layout. These key attributes translate to less upkeep in the future.

Manage Results More Easily

With simpler, responsive website design Google Analytics can more easily generate specific results. You’ll be able to track your SEO, website visitors, page views, etc. in a clear and simplified manner. This makes a world of difference when determining growth and areas that need improvement.

If you’re looking at your business’s website and feel like it might be lacking a bit, don’t stress. Brindle’s Greeley web design team has built numerous responsive websites that produce great results. Get in touch with us to get started.

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