Our Favorite Social Media Accounts & Why They’re Important

Today, we decided to take a break from the regular educational blog posts and do something a little fun and different so you can better get to know Brindle and the masterminds behind it. First thing to know is we LOVE social media. Seriously, it’s excessive. But it’s not just entertainment – we live for the strategy, content, analytics, visuals, all of it. We love the connection and all of the amazing things you can do, find and learn, thanks to social media.

With that said, we put together some of our favorite social media accounts for you to follow, get inspired and enjoy as much as we do.

Mary – Social Media Manager & Marketing Coordinator

Social media platform of choice? Instagram.


@whitneysimmons – Whitney is a fitness guru and influencer and is just all around great. Her messages are always so positive and her at-home workouts are saving my life (and, let’s be honest, my waistline) during this quarantine.

@iamtabithabrown – It’s like Tasty videos but with hilarious commentary.


@betchesluvthis – This account is funny, relatable and makes for great content inspo.  Win, win, win!

Sarah – Brindle Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist

Social media platform of choice? Instagram.


@ambitiouskitchen – follow her for delicious gluten-free recipes and heck, recipes in general! She’s a blogger I’ve been following forever and met at a blog conference back in the day when influencers were just becoming a thing.

@ladyfit – new account I’ve been following for a little home workout inspiration during quarantine.

@kaleycuoco – everything about her life is 100% me. She has a ton of adopted dogs, rides horses, is 100% down to earth, and can always be found with a cup of coffee in hand.

@thiswildidea – how can you *not* love this account? Maddie the dog is ah-mazing and the photos are over the top gorgeous. Also, I admire their free spirit lifestyle filled with simple things in life.

Lucy – Account Manager

Social media platform of choice? Personally: Instagram or NextDoor. Professionally: LinkedIn.


@Upworthy good news and good news only. Awesome content from around the world that will give you a giggle or the warm fuzzies- either one, I’m good with these days.

@Enewsguilty pleasure- where else would I find info about a Kardashian birthday party, celeb splits, and Chrissy Tiegan’s hamster all in the same day?!

@The Chalkboard Mag – a little inspo, a little life advice. Their bio pretty much says it all. “Daily content to help you live your best life through wellness, nutrition, self-care + great design.” Preach. 


 @Adweak – This account goes out to anyone who has worked in marketing, advertising, or experienced agency life. Their account could not be more relatable. And if you haven’t just spent the last 5 min reading through their tweets like I did, here you go: https://twitter.com/adweak.

Thoughts of Dog – @dog_feeling – because we all wish we knew what our good doggos were thinking.

“goooooob morning. i made a list. of what i would like to accomplish today.

7. a big nap

1. maybe get some rest after that

4. sneak in a snoozle

4b. perhaps multiple.”


Safiya Nygaardbecause there’s something strangely intriguing about someone combining 117 Bath & Body Works candles to see what the dominant smell comes out to be. (Some sort of blueberry pancake magical surprise, in case you were wondering.) 

Jodie – Account Manager

Social media platform of choice? Facebook.


@womenwholovewine – Well, I relate.

@buzzfeedtasty – I love watching all of the food being made. It gives me ideas and I will make a lot of things they post. It also shows crafts and fixes. I’m not crafty but watching others do crafty things is entertaining.


Trey Kennedy – He’s an adult and mimics teenage boys and how they act. He cracks me up and makes me realize my son is a normal teenage boy.

Kate – Marketing Intern

Social media platform of choice? Instagram.


@slowcarfasthome – The account is run by an adorable couple and their two dogs who live in a renovated van that has such an amazing aesthetic and they are constantly traveling to beautiful mountain top lakes, serene forests, awesome rock formations, etc. they just really appeal to the wanderer in me.

@_annapaquin – She was in True Blood so obviously I love her but she and her husband are so cheeky, down to earth and hilarious on IG that I check her account every day to see her mom adventure or update on her war with her dog jack, etc. She just kills me.

@remingtomavenue – So this is a designer named Mysha’s account. She posts a lot about her own home and it kills me how gorgeous her house is. I want her life. So she inspires me. She certainly fuels my throw pillow addiction- why does a college student need a set of throw pillows for every season you ask? She doesn’t but here we are. 🤷🏼‍♀️

When social media is used actively and responsibly, it can be an amazing resource of content, inspiration, and creative. At Brindle, our favorite social media accounts affect our marketing decisions every day. By following what’s trending, strategies that are working, and what flopped, our team of social media marketers is able to hone in on specific marketing techniques when posting online. (And, it doesn’t hurt that social media is wildly entertaining. 😉)

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