4 MailChimp Features You Forgot Existed

Whether your niche is community engagement, ecommerce, or sales strategy, email marketing is an absolute must. This aspect of digital marketing is a valuable way to interact with current customers, target new leads and get the word out about important business news.

There are a host of email marketing programs that will get the job done, but one that we recommend is MailChimp. Not only is it user-friendly, but it has countless tools and functions that go way beyond sending out a standard campaign. Even if you are a seasoned MailChimp user, you may not even realize just how many layers exist.

Here are only a few fancy features in MailChimp that you probably forgot existed:

1. Set Up Automated Emails

Let’s say you want to send a “thanks for reaching out!” kind of email to everyone who completes your website contact form, just so that potential clients know their email was received. MailChimp allows you to set up automated campaigns to do exactly that.

After choosing to create a new email campaign from scratch, select “automated campaign” to then design a new email that will automatically be sent to a designated group. After completing the campaign, you will then need to have your web developer (or friends at Brindle of course) complete the setup process in the backend of your business’s website.

2. Target MailChimp Subscribers with Facebook Ads

Social media ads are a highly necessary component of your digital marketing strategy. MailChimp is the first email marketing program to allow you to manage Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns right from MailChimp.

Before even beginning, make sure your Instagram business profile is linked to Facebook. From there, you can set up your ad with creative, a budget, etc. You will only be billed depending on the number of clicks your ad receives.

3. Create a Reengagement Campaign for Inactive Subscribers

Every business has that group of subscribers who have turned lukewarm. They haven’t unsubscribed, so they must have somewhat of an interest, but they also haven’t opened an email or engaged in a while. MailChimp has a feature that specifically reengages these subscribers.

MailChimp allows you to send a “last chance” style email to those who haven’t opened one in a while. This email can be fun and snappy to really get their attention, and if a subscriber is still not engaging after that, you have the option to remove them from your list.

4. Send Emails Based on the Opt-In Source

Many businesses offer multiple sources where people can sign up for your email list – website, social media, in-store, etc. In some cases, you may want to target subscribers based on how they signed up for your mailing list.

MailChimp allows you to do this through its hidden merge fields (the MailChimp edition of tags). This field can be used to trigger automations based on the external source of your subscribers.

If all of these features sound like a great idea in theory, but you’re just not sure where to even begin, give us a holler at 970-372-6588 and we can handle all your email marketing campaigns.

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