Social Media Profiles for Businesses Both Big and Small: A Must.

There’s more than 3 billion people across the globe who are connected to social media. There’s no possible way to remotely make an impact on those people with a business social media profile, right? Wrong.

If your business doesn’t already have a social media account, well it’s time to make one. If you have one, but don’t really know why you have one, we’re here to tell you. Here’s how you can start making your impact through digital platforms:

1. Social profiles humanize your brand

Behind any social media account is a human who is taking on the personality of the brand to communicate a message, inspire an action, or provide a service. Having an active social media account as a business proves to users that you’re an involved member of your industry and local community. Follow and interact with local businesses and establish brand- to- brand relationships that feel authentic to an average user. Badda-bing, badda-boom, your brand is now a human.

2. Social media drives targeted traffic

Now, this is the only kind of traffic that we’re huge fans of. Having a social media presence can allow you to narrow in on who specifically your audience is, who is listening, and who maybe needs to be listening. You’re establishing relationships with users left and right whether you or they know it or not. Social media presents an opportunity to send your message out to who you want, when you want in an informal setting.

3. Social media = increased sales

Sorry, but it’s true. The more that your business interacts with social media, the more people will notice it and notice your business. But! It’s also such a fun, exciting experience watching a message start on social media and lead to a conversion of a sale or inquiry. There is money to be made from social media, but not without spending some time, effort and maybe a little money to do so.

4. It is all fun and games

It is literally colorful pictures, fun graphics and inspiring words, so it really is just a bunch of fun and games. If your business’s social media account is no longer fun for you, neither are your posts.

This is where that whole ‘impact’ comes in. Having a business social media page allows you to tell your brand through all of those pretty pictures. It also allows humans to leave positive feedback for your brand through a ‘like’ or a ‘share.’ Those are the ‘feel good’ moments that us as marketers thrive off of.

Brand publishes a pretty picture -> user sees pretty picture -> user likes picture -> user is now connected to the brand’s audience -> brand and user now have a relationship.

5. Your competitors are doing it – so should you

Remember that whole targeted traffic thing? You can literally capture the users that are listening to your competitors and prove to them why you’re the thought leader that they should really be paying attention to. It’s best to do this when you have social media accounts in the first place, but social media accounts that really shine- they have a personality, a brand, a purpose.

Running a social media account for a business really doesn’t need to be harder than it is. Your social content is happening every day within your business and is all around you – it’s now just up to you to find it.

Let Brindle be the man (or woman) behind the curtain for your social media accounts. Give us a ring-a-ling to see how we can help manage your brand for you.

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