Our Top Performing Google Ads for Apartments in 2021

Google Ads for apartments can be a lean, mean, lead-generating machine (if you know how to use it). The highest conversion rate in our accounts during 2021 was 45.88% (compared to the industry average of 6.98%). With a well-designed website and landing page, you’re set up for success.

Explore our top converting Google Ads for apartments of 2021: Responsive Search Ads, Expanded Text Ads, & Responsive Display Ads.

Responsive Search Google Ads for Apartments


Each Responsive Search Ad allows you to enter 3-15 headlines and 2-4 descriptions. Then, Google optimizes performance by showing the best-performing combinations. Each user gets a personalized message across all devices.

You may not be able to see which specific combinations convert, but that’s fine. RSAs are a hands-off way to get great results. Plus, Google is removing expanded text ads as an option as of June 30, 2022 – so you better get familiar with these.

The Stats:

12.12% Avg. CTR (3.71% industry average)

6.18% Avg. Conversion Rate (2.47% industry average)

$1.76 Avg. CPC ($2.37 industry average)

Our top performing responsive ad had a 20.84% CTR, 81 conversions, 16.36% conversion rate, and a $1.64 CPC.

Expanded Text Google Ads for Apartments


Expanded Text Ads have the option to enter 1-3 headlines and 1-2 descriptions. They test specific combinations to send a specific message to the user. Highlight your community: location, amenities, floor plan options, and other features.

You can no longer create or edit these ads as of June 30, 2022.

The Stats:

11.39% Avg. CTR (3.71% industry average)

6.80% Avg. Conversion Rate (2.47% industry average)

$2.29 Avg. CPC ($2.37 industry average)

Our top expanded ad text Google Ad for apartments in 2021 had a 15.77% CTR, 46 conversions, 14.24% conversion rate, and a $0.87 CPC

Responsive Display Ads for Apartments


Responsive display ads are eye-catching, adaptable, and hands-off. Enter 15 images, 5 headlines, 5 descriptions, and 5 logos, and it will take care of the rest. 

Unlike responsive search ads, you can see which assets are performing best. Pretty sweet, right? Add animation to responsive display Google Ads for apartments to make them eye-catching. There are lots of programs that make this easy, such as Creatopy.com. Now, let’s look at our top-performing one from 2021:

The Stats:

1.26% Avg. CTR (1.08% industry average)

1.75% Avg. Conversion Rate (0.80% industry average)

$0.70 Avg. CPC ($0.75 industry average)

Our top responsive display Google Ad for apartments in 2021 had a 3.31% CTR, 60 conversions, 3.03% conversion rate, and a $0.44 CPC

In Conclusion

You have options when it comes to Google Ads for apartments, regardless of your budget and goals. We make sure to highlight the best of your community in our ads and let your brand do the talking. Let our Google Ads experts bring you the leads you’ve been looking for – set up a time to chat with us today.