Social media management for
the many-hat-wearing heroes

  • Not enough time to focus on your social media (but know you should be on it)?
  • You want a team of social media experts to manage your social accounts – but want the content to sound and look authentic
  • You’re struggling to post consistently and unsure how to maximize your reach

Sound familiar?

when it’s trending…

we’re on it

Helping businesses increase their online presence through social media.

Leveraged properly, social media can be a powerhouse marketing tool that invites you to tell your story, ignite conversation, and propel customers to your website. But in the wrong hands, it’s just another tool going dull on the shelf. At Brindle, we offer a hands-on, fully customizable approach to social media management.

Whatever your goals and objectives, we start by getting to know your brand and asking the right questions about your desired outcomes. Then we design a social marketing plan that meets your customers on their preferred social “turf”.

Every day, digital consumers spend nearly
2.5 hours on social networks and messaging.

Social Media Management

Custom content

creation & strategy

Stuck on what to post about for your brand? We’ve got you covered. We create custom content for your brand across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Complete social


When we manage your social media channels we engage and respond to each and every comment or message your account receives – peace of mind is everything.

The best looking

profiles around

When Brindle manages your brand’s social accounts, you can count on having one of the best-looking profiles around.

  • Instagram highlight covers to perfectly match your brand
  • Optimized profile description
  • Strong call-to-action
  • Eye-catching descriptions

Trending content

Stories, trending posts, & more

We go all in – Stories, IGTV, custom branded graphics, social content that captures your brand’s voice, plus community involvement and engagement.



Strategic decision-making with social media analytics. We craft effective organic and paid campaigns powered by social data to put insights into action. Optimal send times? Top performing types of media? No second guessing here.

Performance Reports

& competitor analysis

Robust monthly social media reports – top-performing posts, cross-channel reports, and paid campaign insights. Plus, compare your performance to your competitors to find new opportunities.

Fully automated

Facebook chatbot

Customizable messenger chatbot. Be in the moment with your prospects and customers.

Fans are 3X more likely to respond to Messenger than email.

Paid Facebook

& Instagram advertising

From advanced targeting to remarketing, our team of social experts builds out a paid component of your social media strategy that delivers ROI for you.

Industry leading social media strategists.

Our Social Media

Management Process

Social media audit
and research

content creation
and approval

and management

Reporting & Analytics

Strategy Evaluation

Rinse & repeat



Social media management for your brand.

Social media moves fast. So do we. Staying on top of what’s trending is our job. Seeking out new ideas and opportunities for clients is our specialty. That’s where we excel as the leading Greeley social media marketing partner.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. We research, design, implement, and measure. And then we rinse and repeat. Because we believe in targeted content, you won’t have to sell your first born to drive engagement with the right crowd: those who need (and want) your solutions.

let’s dive into

this thing

setup a meeting
Grab our exact social media

content calendar template

The ultimate social media toolkit

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