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Brands spark interest, motivate, and drive action.

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And your brand is so much more than a logo. It’s your entire identity. It sets the tone, establishes a voice, and creates a feeling. Whether you’re rebranding or creating a brand from scratch we deliver a well-thought-out brand. We research and strategize. We create brands that leave an impression. We think through every last detail.

Why invest in branding? Simply put, branding is the quickest way to attract more customers, charge more, enhance credibility, and build recognition.

Customers don’t always buy based on price point alone. More often than not, our perception of what we’re getting, what the company stands for, and the feeling we get when engaging with that brand contributes to our decision-making. This is why branding is mission-critical in today’s crowded, commoditized market. People buy from companies and people they like — and avoid or boycott those they don’t. Let us help you share a favorable brand story that resonates.

Logo & Brand Identity

Logo and brand identity development

Naming Development

Uncovering a name that will represent your company and resonate with your target demographic

Discovery & Research

Research and competitive landscape. Define strengths and value proposition. Target audience and user profiles

Messaging & Content

Copywriting, content strategy, and brand messaging

Brand Style Guides

Brand standards act as a living document containing guidelines for your entire brand identity

Design & Collateral

Website design, marketing collateral, wayfinding and signage, & display ads – to list a few

Logos & Brands We’ve Created

Creating a brand and establishing your identity is one of the first steps of introducing your company to your target audience. Your brand will be one of the most important components and should represent who you are, who you want to be, how people feel about your product or service, and how you are perceived.

Our logo and branding packages are perfect if you’re ready to invest in your business and establish an elevated brand presence, visualize a stronger connection with your target audience, and extend your branding through extra touch points. Below are a handful of apartment branding projects and logos we’ve created within the multifamily industry.


use your brand to attract the right leads…


Frequently Asked Questions about Apartment Branding + Logo & Brand Identity Projects

What do logo and branding projects cost?

While there are sites that will design a logo for a few hundred dollars and agencies that will charge $70K ++, Brindle offers a compelling middle-ground with logo and branding packages starting at $2500 and complete brand identity projects falling between $10 – $30K. With 15+ years of involvement with agencies and designing brand identities, our design team has extensive experience. If you’re looking to make a reasonable investment in branding, let’s chat and see if we may be a good fit.

How long will the process take?

We can usually start on the research and discovery phase of logo projects fairly quickly after the project has been launched. All projects are different but many last between 6 to 12 weeks—this is flexible and is largely dependent on how quickly we receive feedback, revisions, and the client’s availability.

How are the logo concepts presented?

Concepts are presented using a design presentation deck. The deck provides context, giving real life examples of the proposed branding and logo concepts in use, alongside presenting the logos in isolation. During this initial presentation, we typically present the logos in grayscale to remove any color bias. We also strongly believe in the benefits of showing design concepts in use (i.e. mocked up on signage, on a piece of clothing, etc.) to help see the branding implemented in the real world and come to life.

What happens after we receive the initial logo concepts?

You, the client, selects one (or two) designs for further refinement. Changes are made to the chosen design concept as well as any refinements necessary.

The revised identity is then delivered in the second presentation deck. We’ll go through the revision process until the final logo is approved, at which time we’ll complete the rest of the brand identity deliverables. We always encourage referring back to the brief and creative direction when you have modifications you’d like us to explore further.

You’ll receive 3 rounds of revisions on the top one to two chosen concepts (depending on which package you choose).

Please note, a revision is an edit to one of the existing concepts, not a complete re-design or entirely new concept.

Do You Offer Unlimited Revisions?

No – we believe that a responsible process narrows focus and avoids us pursuing dead-end concepts and ongoing revisions. If this happens, it’s typically due to a few common issues: misalignment with decision makers, an unthorough discovery process, or ‘design by committee’. We expect typical projects to go through one to two rounds of revisions.

What happens if we don’t like any of the concepts?

This rarely happens, if ever! However, we like to be flexible if you feel like we completely missed the mark based off your discovery questionnaire we can communicate how to move forward. However, typically another round of concepts will be out of scope and incur an additional charge.

Will you use clipart or stock files for our logo?

No, everything we create is custom drawn, however keep in mind this can be something to be aware of should you choose to work with some large companies, contractors, etc.

How do you deliver final files?

All final files are provided to the client through a Dropbox link, including various formats of the identity as outlined above along with packaged and editable design files (if applicable). Full ownership and rights of the brand identity are also transferred to the client at this time.

Who owns the final artwork?

You own all rights to the final artwork (note: this does not include any unused concepts) and this transfers to you, once your project is paid in full of course. We reserve the right to feature the work in our portfolio and for promotional purposes.

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