5 Marketing Ideas for Student Housing Apartments

Navigating the dynamic world of student housing marketing is comparable to catching a moving train – trends evolve rapidly, and staying ahead is both a challenge and a necessity. 

In the student living world that’s changing by the minute, we get it – keeping up can be a challenge! Whether you’re feeling confident about staying trendy or you could use a bit of a hand, we’re here to walk you through 5 marketing ideas for student housing in 2024. 

Let’s get into it! 

1. Leveraging Social Media 

We may be starting to sound like a broken record, but when it comes to renting to Gen Z, students, love it or hate it, your first step starts on social media. Here are some things to consider: 

Prioritize Video Content:

Video is king in the realm of Gen Z. Opt for engaging reels on Instagram – they boast 2x higher average impression rate compared to static posts. Capture virtual tours and glimpses of resident life to tell a compelling story that resonates with the visually-driven Gen Z audience.

Keep It Real:

Beyond the choice of social media platform, success lies in how you utilize it. Posting authentic content, responding promptly to DMs, and actively engaging with comments and followers can significantly impact your student housing marketing strategy.

Harness Targeted Ads

Utilize social media’s targeted advertising capabilities to reach specific demographics crucial for student housing. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer precise targeting based on location, interests, and academic affiliations, ensuring your ads reach the most relevant audience. This focused approach maximizes the impact of your advertising budget.

2. Invest in Paid Search

In the fast-paced digital landscape, a strategic investment in paid search can significantly enhance your student housing marketing efforts. Here’s our step-by-step on how to get the most bank for your buck. 

Strategic Campaigns:

  • Craft targeted paid search campaigns to capture the attention of students actively searching for housing options.
  • Optimize your campaigns based on key factors like location, amenities, and unique selling points.

Keyword Optimization:

  • Conduct thorough keyword research to identify terms relevant to your property and the surrounding area.
  • Optimize ad copy with high-performing keywords, such as “student housing near [university name],” to increase visibility in relevant searches.

Compelling Ad Copy:

  • Create compelling ad copy that not only showcases your property’s features but also highlights what sets it apart from the competition.
  • Use persuasive language that resonates with the needs and preferences of your target audience.

Irresistible Online Presence:

  • Ensure that your online presence goes beyond mere visibility – it should be compelling and irresistible
  • Optimize your website with high-quality images, virtual tours, and easy-to-navigate content to captivate potential tenants.

3. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It 

In the battle for student residents, amenities often hold the winning card. Here’s how you can use your amenities to market your student housing property more effectively: 

Highlight Key Features:

Identify standout amenities that differentiate your property, such as a top-notch gym, inviting study spaces, or vibrant common areas.

Visual Appeal:

Showcase these features with high-quality photos and virtual 360 tours on your website, giving potential tenants a captivating glimpse into their future lifestyle.

Student-Centric Approach:

Tailor your emphasis on amenities to align with student needs and preferences, emphasizing what matters most to them.

4. Who Doesn’t Love a Good Deal? 

Stand out from the crowd by infusing creativity into your incentives, leasing specials, and directly appealing to the student budget. Here’s how:

Creative Incentives:

Entice students to join your tours with irresistible incentives – think catered breakfast, complimentary t-shirts, or even a local coffee gift card. This isn’t just about getting more students through the door; it’s about creating memorable experiences where small gestures make lasting impressions.

Referral Programs:

Launch referral programs where current residents score rewards for bringing in friend and having them sign a lease. It’s a win-win – attracting new residents while fostering a positive and tight-knit community.

Local Discounts:

Consider partnerships with local businesses to provide exclusive discounts for your residents. This not only adds value to your housing offer but also fosters a sense of community by connecting residents with nearby services. Highlight these perks in your marketing materials to attract cost-conscious students looking for added value in their housing choices.

5. SEO and Online Presence

In a digital landscape dominated by search engines, mastering SEO is the key to ensuring your student housing property shines bright in the online spotlight. Here’s a deeper dive into how to make the most out of it:

Strategic Keyword Integration:

Infuse your website with strategic keywords that resonate with students. Think location, amenities, and unique selling points. This isn’t just about being found; it’s about being found for what makes you stand out.

Regular Blog Updates:

Keep the content flowing with a regularly updated blog. Dive into topics that matter to students – local events, university news, and insightful advice on the student living experience. Fresh content with keywords is a great way to draw relevant traffic to your site. 

Bluprint by Brindle’s SEO-Centric Website Templates:

Think about starting fresh with a brand-new website. Bluprint by Brindle’s SEO-centric website templates are a great start. Designed with a focus on multifamily and SEO, these templates not only streamline the showcasing of your property but also enhance your website’s search engine performance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of student living, these five student housing marketing ideas are your compass in navigating the dynamic trends of 2024.

From leveraging social media to investing in paid search, showcasing amenities, offering creative incentives, and mastering SEO, these methods are your toolkit for success.

If you find yourself in need of guidance along the way, our team at Brindle is here for you. Feel free to get in touch, and let’s work together to elevate your student housing property to new heights.