How to Add Value to Your Branding Project

Be thorough in your brand discovery questionnaire. 

The initial onboarding and discovery phase is one of the most important processes in branding and it’s imperative to be thorough and take the time to provide our team as much detail as possible, up front. 

Don’t hand this off or delegate to someone who doesn’t have a complete understanding of the vision and project. Some of this may seem obvious, but we find a lot of information is ‘assumed’ that we know, and the more detail we can get about a project, the better. Remember, better pre-production equates to better post-production and deliverables!

Have all key players on board, from the beginning. 

Avoid bringing in the final decision maker(s) to review and approved the finished product if you have not involved them up to this point. For the best success of the project, we ask for all decision makers, or those who will be weighing in, to be present and involved from the beginning.

We believe that a responsible process narrows focus and avoids us from pursuing dead-end logo concepts and ongoing revisions. If this happens, it’s typically due to a few common issues: misalignment with decision makers, an unthorough discovery process, or ‘design by committee’.

Have a client representative in close touch. 

Having a single point of contact that can help get answers to quick questions during the process and has a complete understanding of the project will equate to a better final product. 

Trust us. 

We’re not asking for a blank check creatively, but we make design-based decisions off the initial discovery and research phase. And as a reminder, we are designing for your target audience, not necessarily you. While having a vision is essential, it’s important not to overlook the other aspects of the project that will increase its value and make the most out of your investment.