25 Social Media Post Ideas to Spruce up Your Platforms

Social media content creation doesn’t always come naturally. It can be time consuming and occasionally, a bit like writer’s block… “What should I post about!?”. There’s also a healthy balance of content to be shared– you want to be informative and entertaining while remaining true to the voice of your company, providing value to your followers.

These tips and social media post ideas will help you stop wondering about what to post on social media for your business. Then, pay attention to your social analytics and find out which posts are getting you the most engagement, so you can share more of the types of content your audience is relating to!

25 social media post ideas to increase your social media engagement:

  1.  User-generated content: people tagging you on social media are your number one fans! Share their photos (with permission and giving credit of course) for organic, real content (the best kind)!
  2.  Pet photos: ‘nuff said…if there’s a dog (or cat, hamster, bunny, frog…whatever) that is around, snap a photo and consider it one of your most engaging posts.
  3. Ask a question: There’s no better way to engage with your customers than to ask them questions and get fresh responses. Also, you’ll get an idea of the demographics of people your content is reaching and adjust accordingly.
  4.  Fun holidays: don’t go overboard with this one, but if it’s National Coffee Day, for example, we think that deserves recognition.
  5. Quote posts: inspiring quotes or quotes that have to do with a photo or product your promoting can be a great social media post idea. “Live, Laugh, Love” isn’t what we’re talking about. Make sure it’s tasteful and has something to do with your business.
  6. Testimonials and/or reviews: share the good word!
  7. Motivation: everyone loves a little motivation, especially on days when it doesn’t come easy (Mondays… We’re talking to you).
  8. Local events: this shows that you support your community as well as inform people of something fun they might otherwise miss out on. Free hot cocoa downtown, we’re in!
  9. Promote blog posts you have written/enjoyed: an old blog post that did well can be reposted for even more engagement!
  10. Advice relative to your business: if you’re a waxing/massage studio you could post ways to prepare before you come in to get a wax or signs that your body needs a massage (like everyone doesn’t wish they could get massage every day).
  11. Polls: this is a great way for customer engagement and to get insight on your customers. Win, win!
  12. Photos behind-the-scenes: posts of things that are out of the ordinary and generally your customers wouldn’t get to see. Humanize your company with some blooper videos or funny photos of your staff.
  13. Product photos: this is a free way to promote products that you’re selling, so, why not? Get creative and have fun with it!
  14. Photos of things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with your company: this would be the vibes and brand image of how you would like your business perceived (traveling, sunshine, family, fun, etc.) Things you want to be associated with your brand.
  15. Sharing relevant resources: anything that would be useful to your customers, preferably a free resource for maximum attention. “Download this free money budgeting app to make sure you’re staying true to finance goals!”
  16. Tips and tricks: Share some ideas on how your followers can improve on things that are relevant to your work. “Lifehack: eat before you shop so you don’t buy all the snacks on the shelf.”
  17. Throwback photos: It’s always good to show the progress you or your customers have made through your services. If someone used your investment company and became a millionaire, BRAG about that, you’ve earned it.
  18. Have a photo contest: This will give you organic photos to use in future posts. This is such a great way to promote your business, by having others post it on their social media. It proves likability.
  19. Introduce the team: Put a face to the name. Show everyone the people behind your brilliance.
  20. Customer appreciation post: Share the love and say thank you. Your customers deserve it.
  21. Support a cause: Show that your business cares and go out and support a cause, get photos, and post your butt off.
  22. A post for your fans to finish: “On Sunday you can find me ___.” (Watching football… what else?)
  23. Informative facts: such as data and statistics relevant to your business. “75% of women that try to dye their hair themselves end up at a salon the next day… you should probably just get it done right the first time.”
  24. Recommend tools, programs, etc. that will make their life easier: For example, if you’re an accounting firm recommend the best bookkeeping programs.
  25.  Post a branded image: Post an image with a funny or inspirational quote with your logo attached. This will help build your brand identity and give you something to post about.

Social media is one of the best, organic ways to promote your business when done correctly. For companies looking to sell a product or promote their services, creating a strong connection with users is critical. Ready to effectively engage consumers, build a relationship and make them want to choose you over your competition in what already seems like an over-populated digital dimension? That’s where we excel. Get in touch with the Brindle team today.

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