7 Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Customers and Foster Growth

Much like in your personal life, your business’s social media channels will oftentimes create a first impression that others will use to develop their overarching opinion of your company. The content you put forth on these channels establish a public-facing identity that allows you to interact with customers, share news about your business and foster engagement with relevant communities.

When generating social media content, the number one rule of thumb is to make it purpose-driven. Throwing up any and every post idea that pops into your head will only water down your company’s brand and diminish the page’s overall value. Instead, first consider the following:

  • What makes up my company’s brand?
  • What tone do I want to convey through my posts (e.g. lighthearted and casual, professional and knowledgeable, a combination of both?)
  • What is my protocol for using emojis?

After establishing your business’s purpose and tone on social media, it’s time to explore different post options!

Check out our seven social media content ideas to engage and foster growth:

1. Project Updates and Service Spotlights

What does your company do all day? We’re guessing some pretty great stuff, but how would we know if we don’t see it on social media? Capture compelling images of recent projects, new products and service spotlights showcase what you are capable of and how well you can serve your customers. Before and after project shots make for some excellent native content.

2. Video & Story Updates

Facebook’s algorithm tends to favor videos above still image content, meaning that your video is more likely to be seen than other posts. Even if you don’t do a live video, regular videos still add variety and can better display your business’s services than a single image can.


Is your business a fourth-generation operation that has black and white photos from back in the day? Or is your business new and blooming that has “old” pictures from only a year ago? Either way, throwback images add a dimension of authenticity and trust to your social page.

4. Be Helpful, Not Salesy

Leave the sales talk for ads and promotional flyers – not your company’s social media channels. People are following your page because they want information, so keep the overarching voice helpful, rather than sales-driven. Sharing details on new products or services is great, but be careful not to turn your channels into one giant sales pitch.

5. Tag Other Pages

What collaboration opportunities do you currently have – or could create – with other businesses or organizations? Always look for chances to tag additional pages or people to help tap into new audiences and expand your follower bases.

6. Personal Company and Team Updates

While promoting your goods and services is absolutely important for your social content repertoire, don’t be afraid to take a break with the more lighthearted updates. Followers love seeing the human side of brands, such as company outings, team member spotlights, and – of course – office pooches!

7. Trending Posts

What types of trending posts are you seeing on your personal social media channels? Could any of them relate to your business? If so, jump aboard the bandwagon to show your audiences you know what’s popular. In recent months, the 10 Year Challenge and ranking list posts can be easily applied to multiple brands.

Social media for businesses should always be treated like the detailed marketing strategy that it is. Interested in learning more about how you can boost your social media initiatives to connect with your audience and foster company growth? Contact our social media experts today.

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