How to Ask for a Review

Reviews are an important part of growing your business. People want social proof that others trust your services or offerings. Many people are not comfortable making a decision or investing something without the confirmation of others. Hence all of the review platforms out there. 4 out of 5 people will research a company before they make a decision.

So, why doesn’t everyone have a ton of reviews? Many businesses feel the hesitation comes with the actual ask. People feel they are “bothering” others when they ask what they think of their services. Or, they may even be afraid of what might be said. But, if you don’t ask, you will have a more difficult time growing in the long run.

Here are some suggestions on how to ask for a review:

  • If you have partnered with someone in some way where you both offered each other some benefit or worked together, offer them a recommendation first and then ask for one in return?  LinkedIn makes requesting recommendations easy.
  • When you complete a service let them know you are grateful for their business and as a follow-up, please expect an email asking for a testimonial.  Communicate that you would greatly appreciate any feedback they can provide.  Then, immediately follow up with the email giving them a few options on where to post the review with easily accessible links. If they respond directly via email, get their approval to post on your site as a testimonial.
  • If you have a list of clients you have not asked for a review from previous services, send them an email to request a review. If you have their phone number, calling and letting them know the request will be coming will make the email request a warmer ask. Let them know you are thankful for letting then serve you and are working on growing your business and would appreciate any feedback they could give.

When writing a “request for review” email

The email can be very simple. Thank them for their business and let them know you appreciate any feedback. You can ask things like:

  • How would you rate us?
  • Any comments or feedback from the service you previously received from us?
  • How many stars would you give us?

Then on your website, you can say a 5-Star rating from ABC company and here are a few of the comments.  These comments can be anonymous, but hopefully, the company/person approves their kudos posted on your website.

Remember to be transparent on how you are using people’s feedback, especially if you will be adding it to your website. Always thank them in advance for considering your request.

When should you ask for a review?

The easiest and most convenient time to ask will be as soon as the service has been rendered.  People are most receptive at this time. People genuinely want to help others so don’t be afraid to ask.

Addressing critical reviews

Then, there is the dreaded critical review. What do you do with these? It’s ok to have a review that is critical as long as you respond in an appropriate manner.  People want to know you are human. If you only have 5-star, perfect reviews, people tend to also believe those are fake. Be real and acknowledge your mistake or shortfall and communicate appreciation of the feedback and your steps to improving. Many times, those people will come back and leave a second review of appreciation. If they didn’t you can also request a re-review if you feel like you handled the situation properly and they were satisfied.

Bottom-line, always ask for a review. Respond to both positive and critical reviews with a thank you and a follow up if needed. You can never have too many reviews.

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