5 Things You Can Do To Update Your Existing Website

Let’s face it, a brand spankin’ new website can be somewhat of an investment (yes, investment…keep reading). And for a small business, may not be feasible in the short term. We get it.

So if you fall into that category, or just want to jazz things up a bit but aren’t ready for a complete website redesign, here are 5 things you can do to give your website a temporary makeover:

1. Update Photos.

I cannot express this enough. Photos are everything. Below is an example of the same website: the first example is an image that had been used on the homepage for far too long, the second is a professional, updated photo. No comparison.



2. Break up the text with headings and photos.

Our eyes are attracted to whitespace. Give your readers and visitors a little breathing room. Make it easy to scan and digest the information on your site. It’s a website after all, not a research paper.

3. Use consistent branding and colors.

Black for this heading, a little maroon here, gray in some places…yikes. Consistency in design and color palette may be the second most important thing, next to photos.

If you haven’t gone through a brand discovery process and implemented a Brand Style Guide…it’s time to do so. This will ensure brand consistency wherever your brand is used and determine the why behind everything your brand does.

5 Things You Can Do To Update Your Existing Website

4. Simplify.

In my opinion (and tons of studies) a website redesign can be one of the best moves you can make for your company. Quite often, the first impression a customer has with your business is your website. And if it doesn’t look professional, is hard to navigate, or just plain ugly and outdated, people will leave and you will lose that business and not to mention, credibility.

5. Update content.

I’ve seen both extremes – too much content on too many different pages and the polar opposite, websites with pages that hardly have enough content to span one line. So whether it’s consolidating and updating the copy or simply expanding and improving the quality of content, it is going to make a difference to your visitors!

At the end of the day, redesigning your website isn’t just another cost. It’s an investment and should be thought of it that way. A very wise investment that generates incredible ROI. When done right, a new website should increase your customer base, lower your bounce rate, and provide a professional online presence for your business. After all, 46 percent of people claim the design of a company’s website is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of that company.

Website redesign = increase in visitors and trust in your company = more customer conversions

Ready for a website overhaul or just a facelift? Get in touch, we’d love to chat.

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