3 Considerations with Apartment Branding & Logo Design

Developing a solid brand and logo for your apartment or any business can translate directly down to your bottom line when done with craft, research, and care.

We go into every apartment branding and logo design conversation with the following considerations in mind to ensure we know who we’re designing for (hint: it’s the customer, not yourself) to deliver the maximum impact.

Top 3 Apartment Branding & Logo Design Questions

What tone words represent your company?

Tone words are words that describe your company in a certain tone or light.

For example, a company that is selling children’s clothing might use a tone word such as “friendly.” Or a new apartment building might use a tone word such as “luxury” and “upscale.”

How does this word translate to your brand? Well, it can translate into colors, shapes, and even logo design.

The tone words are especially effective in helping our designers visualize the beginning stages of your logo and develop a more relevant apartment brand.

Who is your target audience?

Your target audience plays a huge part in your apartment branding and logo design because they are the ones who are buying your product or your service.

As designers, we need to understand exactly who these people are, what their age is, what they do for a living, what they care about, and even what they like to do for recreation. We call these customer personas!  

With this type of target audience information, we can start to find ways to market and appeal to specific audiences through brand reputation and logo design.

Let’s go back to the children’s clothing company example. Right away, you can identify two different target audiences. The first one is the purchasers, often the caregivers or parents. The second group is the audience wearing the clothing: the children. That means we have two different target audiences that we need to learn about when it comes to their likes and dislikes.

Or, for example, we can take a closer look at the new apartment building recently branded by Brindle. In the very early stages of creating a logo for the apartment, we developed a unique and very specific customer persona.

Kyle is a graduate student at UNC. He has a steady job in engineering but fully lives out the “work hard, play hard” motto. He lives alone with his dog, loves meeting new people, and is active in the dating scene.

Location and convenience are highly important to him. He also values the added luxuries, enhanced amenities, and is willing to splurge a little on things he finds value in. Online shopping is basically the only way to shop if you ask Kyle. On the weekends, you’ll find him at a local brewery or restaurant and hanging out with friends.

What is the big idea with apartment branding and logo design?

The big idea is what makes your apartment branding and logo design different than your competitors. It’s the thing that makes you stand out.

When you start to think about this, you begin to identify your uniqueness. You no longer are a brand that looks or feels like everyone else in the industry. And this also helps to guide the design strategy.

Those are just three of the many things to consider with a new logo and brand. Brindle specializes in logos for apartments and businesses – reach out today to see how we can help you stand out in a saturated market and grab the attention of your target audience.

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