18 Questions to Kick-Start Your Brand Design Questionnaire

18 Questions to Kick-Start Your Brand Design Questionnaire

Let’s face it. Branding a business is hard. From designing a logo that is professional to creating a color palette that matches a business’ essence – it’s no piece of cake. However, we have a few tricks up our sleeves here at Brindle. With a full brand design questionnaire that covers every aspect of your … Read more

3 Considerations with Apartment Branding & Logo Design

branding and logo on desk

Developing a solid brand and logo for your apartment or any business can translate directly down to your bottom line when done with craft, research, and care. We go into every apartment branding and logo design conversation with the following considerations in mind to ensure we know who we’re designing for (hint: it’s the customer, … Read more

Multifamily Marketing: What makes a good apartment property website?

Multifamily marketing interior apartment shot

With the amount of multifamily competition that seems to be being built over-night, how does your community stand out from the competition? The first place to start is with your digital presence, your website. When redesigning or launching a new website for an apartment community, there are several moving elements that need to cohesively come … Read more