Apartment Brand Naming Process: How to Create a Name in 3 Steps

Brand Naming Process - Presentation by Brindle

As property managers and developers seek to create unique and memorable apartment brands, it’s more important than ever to have a name that captures the essence of your community and stands out amidst the crowd. After all, your name is one of the first things people remember about your brand. In this article, we’ll delve … Read more

How to Add Value to Your Branding Project

How to Add Value to Your Branding Project

Be thorough in your brand discovery questionnaire.  The initial onboarding and discovery phase is one of the most important processes in branding and it’s imperative to be thorough and take the time to provide our team as much detail as possible, up front.  Don’t hand this off or delegate to someone who doesn’t have a … Read more

18 Questions to Kick-Start Your Brand Design Questionnaire

18 Questions to Kick-Start Your Brand Design Questionnaire

Let’s face it. Branding a business is hard. From designing a logo that is professional to creating a color palette that matches a business’ essence – it’s no piece of cake. However, we have a few tricks up our sleeves here at Brindle. With a full brand design questionnaire that covers every aspect of your … Read more

5 Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Your Apartment Community

5 Signs It's Time For An Apartment Rebrand

You know what they say, “when life gives you a bad logo, rebrand!” Okay, maybe that’s not how the saying goes, but you get the idea. It’s time to talk about when to rebrand your apartment community. As a property management expert or owner, knowing when to rebrand your apartment community can be a game-changer. … Read more

5 Apartment Logo Design Ideas & Inspiration

Choosing to live in one apartment versus another has become more about personal taste, style, and aesthetics than ever before. Some residents choose to live in a home that reflects their love of adventure and the outdoors, while others choose an upscale apartment that reflects their passion for socializing in the city. Tapping into these … Read more

When Should I Think About Rebranding A Small Business?

rebranding discussion

Whether you’ve just started or you’ve been around for while and have recently considered rebranding your small business, it’s likely that you’ve had experience with logo design at one point or another. Hey, you might have designed the original logo yourself – giving little strategy to its creation, whipping it together in Word, and printing … Read more

3 Considerations with Apartment Branding & Logo Design

branding and logo on desk

Developing a solid brand and logo for your apartment or any business can translate directly down to your bottom line when done with craft, research, and care. We go into every apartment branding and logo design conversation with the following considerations in mind to ensure we know who we’re designing for (hint: it’s the customer, … Read more

Instagram Reels: Why they should be included in your social media strategy


Instagram growth and increased engagement has been on our mind even more than usual. With an ever-changing platform, it’s tough to nail down what exactly is going to grow your following, reach, and engagement. Something we do know? The more you use Instagram and all of its features (new and old), the more Instagram will … Read more